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Cwtch up with a feWales hoodie

Quite cold outside, innit!

In case you have missed the news, you can now get hold of our 'Ain't Nobody' and 'Chin Up' designs as a warm and cwtchy hoodie!

The hoodies are in women's sizes (obviously, this is feWales!), but I know from experience that some of us ladies are just happy with a slightly baggier unisex you have that as an option too, it is entirely your choice!

And I was thinking, it's not just us grown up ladies that are in the Red Wall and need catering for, so there are kids sizes for the little ladies.

Going to Dublin? I've done a bit of research (see below!) and it's not exactly going to be tropical. A feWales hoodie would be a perfect addition to your Wales away wardrobe for this trip.

"So how can I get one?" I hear you cry! Click here and you'll go straight to the hoodie page of our website.

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